In Your Space Series: “Connecticut Calling: When Art Goes Strange!”

“Connecticut Calling: When Art Goes Strange!”

As an elementary school student studying the geography of the United States, I had a peculiar fascination with Connecticut. I remember staring at it on the little map in my dictionary, marveling at how far north it was and what life might be like there. Perhaps it's no surprise that I now find myself shipping so many of my art pieces to Connecticut, like today's collection from my friend Mike.

Mike's collection, in particular, embodies a vintage aesthetic that inspires a lot of my work. Seeing his pieces together is a nostalgic visual delight for me in many ways, as my works often leave the studio one by one, or a few at a time. But when grouped together, they almost seem like they're conversing. It’s good to see old friends having a good time!

I remember Mike once relayed to me that his wife called my work "strange". I remember feeling proud of the adjective "strange" because, yes, it's what I do. Often, "strange" is a cousin to "funny". "Funny" is where I would like to live permanently. To my delight, not too long after that, Mike commissioned a set of three Hunter Biden pieces that truly exemplified the essence of this adjective. Things got wild, and I'm very proud of the trilogy!

As always, I love seeing collections and where the work ends up, so if you have them and would like to share, I'd love to write about them. To show my appreciation, I offer a 35% off code for any purchases of my work.

-Sergio Santos