The Daily Rambling Artist: Creating Space for Self: Burnout and Self-Forgiveness

The Daily Rambling Artist: Creating Space for Self: Burnout and Self-Forgiveness

I was recently listening to a podcast featuring Gabriel Iglesias, fondly known as Fluffy, as he shared his thoughts on the subject of burnout. It triggered a wave of introspection about my own experiences with burnout. 

I've discovered that when it comes to creative endeavors in the studio, burnout is a stranger to me. I perpetually find myself yearning to create something new, driven by an insatiable passion.

When I shift my focus to the business side of what I do, however, the narrative takes a different turn. Managing the business aspect is undeniably more challenging, demanding that I find ways to maintain equilibrium and safeguard its well-being.

Operating as a one-person enterprise with sporadic assistance from my family presents its own unique set of challenges. The real crucible, I've discovered, is the relentless pursuit of consistency in the realm of social media.

My daily postings have become a cornerstone of my online presence, including the writings that I recently began. There are days when a sense of reluctance looms over me to write, much like the occasional trepidation I feel before stepping into the studio. Once I embark on the act of writing, however, a certain catharsis takes over, akin to the euphoria I experience during creative bursts in the studio.

Photographing and uploading images, however, is a more laborious task. It necessitates meticulous documentation, which is a straightforward process. Yet, the act of uploading images, crafting descriptions, and posting on my website can be an exhausting ordeal, one that has the definite potential to usher in burnout. At some point, I had to come to terms with not always posting immediately. Occasionally, it's essential to create breathing room for myself.

I've come to understand that self-forgiveness is a crucial aspect of this journey. There are days when I don't manage to post a video, especially as my pool of content ideas and marketing strategies continues to expand. In the past, I would berate myself for said lapses. 

Lately, I've embraced the idea of allowing myself to experience those feelings without judgment and returning to my endeavors when I'm truly ready. It's all part of the process, a process marked by resilience, learning, and the continuous pursuit of personal and professional growth and happiness.

-Sergio Santos