The Daily Artist: In Plain Sight: Awakening to the Mothership of Online Artistic Connections

The Daily Artist: In Plain Sight: Awakening to the Mothership of Online Artistic Connections

Growing up as a creative person had its idiosyncrasies. It often felt as if I were the odd one out, but somehow, I always managed to discover my tribe, regardless of my whereabouts. As I matured, things became more manageable, and the inherent awkwardness of youth gradually faded away. However, nothing brought me closer to my true purpose than the fateful day when COVID-19 compelled the world into a state of lockdown.

Live art shows constituted the core of my livelihood at that time, and suddenly, they vanished. Fortunately, I had previously dipped into platforms such as Etsy and social media, albeit in a more casual manner. In that moment of crisis, they became my lifeline, providing me with a means to survive during these uncertain times. Yet, beyond mere survival, they unexpectedly opened doors to new communities and connections that I could never have foreseen.

Online art shows began to sprout, drawing me into engaging dialogues with fellow creators and kindred spirits hailing from every corner of the globe. The energy and enthusiasm that coursed through these virtual events were nothing short of incredible, and to this day, that vibrant energy has not waned. I no longer rely heavily on live art shows, which prompted me to contemplate the profound impact social media has had on broadcasting my art.

When I dissect it all, social media emerges as a potent tool, enabling anyone to share different facets of their being with the world, in the hopes of connecting with those who resonate with what they have to offer. While I have experienced numerous seasons of showcasing my art in galleries, festivals, and live events, nothing compares to the intimacy and connection I have discovered through the act of sharing videos, posting imagery, and even expressing myself through writing online. The reach and influence I have attained as an artist through social media is undeniably remarkable. It’s the strangest way I’ve ever humanized myself to an audience.

It all becomes clear when I reflect upon my journey. Exhibiting art publicly in live events marked my initial foray into the art world, an endeavor I wholeheartedly embraced. I will forever be grateful for that phase of my life, as it laid the foundation for everything I do online and as an artist in general. However, one cannot disregard the unparalleled potential for reach that a visual artist can achieve through online platforms. The more I post and broadcast, the more extraordinary individuals I connect with. And when fortune smiles upon me, affording me the opportunity to meet some of these individuals in person, the experience becomes even more awe-inspiring.

As a visual artist, my journey has always revolved around capturing attention for my work. It is akin to fishing, except now, the net I cast is infinitely larger when I share my creations through platforms like say TikTok or LinkedIn. There is certainly value in live events, but the power that artists now have to amplify and strengthen connections in the virtual world is undeniable. Furthermore, each day I awaken with an eagerness to create additional content that complements my visual art and unveils the treasures that the vast seas of the internet may bring my way. This realization has led me to understand that the mothership I yearned for as a child was never beyond my grasp. The incredible people and connections I sought were always present—I just needed the right microphone.

If you have ever purchased one of my pieces, shared, liked, commented, sent me a DM or an email, shared something personal with me, or even just dropped in to say hello—I’m talking about you. I express my profound and humble gratitude that I did not have to embark on a journey to outer space to find you. Your support and presence are invaluable, and your engagement with my art has played an instrumental role in shaping my creative path. If I can ever tip that balance your way and it’s within my reach, shoot me a line and we’ll see about getting er’ done!

-Sergio Santos