The Daily Artist: The Day My NFT Dreams Went Down the Crapper - When Life Gives You Toilets

The Daily Artist: The Day My NFT Dreams Went Down the Crapper - When Life Gives You Toilets

A few years ago, during the peak of the NFT frenzy, I was presented with an opportunity to contribute my artwork to a project. The prospect excited me greatly, and when I received an offer and signed a contract, I couldn't help but imagine the potential success that awaited me. With a determined mindset, I eagerly embarked on this artistic endeavor.

In preparation for the project, I had requested a significant amount of canvas, envisioning grandiose creations on 11x14-inch surfaces. However, when the package arrived, it contained a collection of tiny 4x6-inch canvases instead. No problem! I thought to myself, I could use those for something else.

As I delved into the project, pouring my creative energy into the endeavor, an unfortunate call arrived: the project had been halted. Just like that, the momentum came crashing down. Naturally, I felt disheartened by this fast and furious turn of events. It was a less-than-ideal situation, but at least I had these 4x6-inch canvases at my disposal. The question arose, however, of what I should do with them.

Drawing inspiration from the very crappiness of the moment, I embarked on an amusing and somewhat peculiar artistic journey. I began painting a series of 4x6-inch toilets. It became a hilarious routine—working on larger projects and then taking a "toilet break," chuckling to myself with each new creation.

Paintings that I create are often born out of the notion that "no one is ever going to buy that." Sometimes, the ideas I pursue seem utterly ridiculous, like painting toilets. Nevertheless, as my career as an artist constantly progresses, I have continuously been proven wrong. These seemingly unlikely pieces, including the whimsical toilets, have found their way into the hearts and homes of collectors.

It's both comforting and hilarious to witness the demand for these unexpected creations, defying my own doubts. This delightful revelation has become an essential component, a cog in the artistic machine that keeps me motivated and driven. I can vividly recall the day I shared the first collection of toilet paintings and managed to sell them for a total of around 300 dollars. I must have laughed myself to sleep that night, filled with both joy and astonishment.

Just recently, I sold another cluster of these peculiar pieces, serving as a poignant reminder that I should always stay true to my creative instincts, no matter how craptastic the idea may seem. After all, it is the freedom to pursue my artistic desires that initially drew me to this career.

-Sergio Santos