The Daily Artist: The Grandpa Connection - Strawberry Soda and Hidden Cheese Reserves!

The Daily Artist: The Grandpa Connection - Strawberry Soda and Hidden Cheese Reserves!

When I was six years old, my heart overflowed with excitement as my grandparents embarked on a journey all the way from Guatemala to spend an entire month with us. The air was charged with anticipation as we eagerly awaited their arrival.

In those days, airports held a different charm, and we were fortunate enough to witness their plane touching down and warmly greet them at the gate. Though I couldn't see myself, I can vividly imagine the immense smile that adorned my face, my eyes fixated on them, unable to look away.

Being elderly, they were greeted with a kind gesture by the airport—a golf cart to whisk them away to the luggage area. And to my delight, I had the privilege of riding along with them. It was a thrilling experience, not just the golf cart ride itself, but their entire stay that I hold dear in my heart.

The time spent with them was a precious treasure, and my spirits sank as the inevitable moment of their departure approached. Nevertheless, despite the distance that separated us, I found solace in writing frequent letters to my grandfather. He was truly my dude, my hero.

I had one more chance to see him after that time. It remains vivid in my memory. We found ourselves in my grandparents' house in Guatemala, sitting side by side with my grandfather, savoring strawberry sodas that we'd gotten from the store across the street.

I playfully badgered him, urging him to share the cheese that I believed he had set aside for himself and was refusing to share. Finally, unable to resist my persistence, he relented and produced the hidden reserves.

In the background, the television murmured softly, and suddenly Kermit the Frog appeared, serenading us with the heartfelt melody of "Rainbow Connection." The room became a stage, and we found ourselves swaying to the rhythm of the tune. Despite his limited command of the English language, as Spanish was his native tongue, he joined in the chorus in his own endearing way.

It was a moment filled with laughter, sweetness, and charm that remains etched in my memory with the highest clarity. Even now, whenever Kermit the Frog graces my sight, I cannot help but be transported back to that moment, forever connected to the image of my beloved grandfather.

Pop art, with its vibrant and popular appeal, stands as a true representation of our omnipresent culture. It's an art form that resonates deeply with me, particularly when I find myself painting Kermit the Frog, a broad smile adorning my face, reminiscent of my grandfather, while the enchanting strains of "Rainbow Connection" play joyfully in my mind.

-Sergio Santos