The Daily Rambling Artis - The Proactive Palette: Always Be Marketing!

The Daily Rambling Artist: The Proactive Palette: Always Be Marketing!

I'm a member of various online art groups, drawn by the occasional nuggets of information that can be invaluable. Recently, amidst an online discussion, it struck me that many artist groups can inadvertently become a platform for venting frustrations.

Personally, I've adopted a different approach. Complaints, even about minor things, aren't my style. I find little use in dwelling on what's wrong when my energy could be better spent figuring out how to improve the situation.

In one of these forums, I came across someone who had been actively marketing for a year without seeing the desired results. It made me reflect on the misconception that a year is a long time in the realm of marketing. In reality, building a brand and marketing oneself as an artist is a lifelong commitment. 

Despite the effort I pour into promoting my artwork, I never feel it's enough. Oddly enough, I've made peace with that feeling. The pursuit of what seems impossible is what fuels my motivation, keeping me engaged in this ongoing journey of marketing and branding.

-Sergio Santos