The Daily Rambling Artist: A Day Late but a Dollar Ahead

The Daily Rambling Artist: A Day Late but a Dollar Ahead 

Yesterday, I stumbled upon an ADHD TikTok video that I can't shake from my mind. The video was a simulation, a glimpse into what it's like to navigate the world with ADHD. In this portrayal, a guy walks around his house while voices in his head constantly chatter, intertwining and overlapping with each other. It was a haunting depiction, and it struck me with the chilling realization that not everyone experiences the world in this manner.

As I've delved deeper into ADHD TikTok, I've come across many older individuals who, like me, received their diagnosis later in life. Some of them sound angry, frustrated by the years they spent unaware of their condition. I don't share that anger, though. Instead, I find myself filled with a sense of relief.

It's peculiar to think that I've journeyed through life with this condition, and no one ever raised a flag or said, "Hey, something's off with him." Receiving the diagnosis was like a puzzle piece clicking into place because I've always known something was off; I just didn't know what.

Since my diagnosis in March, I've become acutely aware of my actions throughout the day, and I've learned how to counter the behaviors that hinder my progress. This newfound awareness has led to a more organized life in general, but the most significant impact has been on my business.

My marketing efforts have become more structured, and I've noticed a tangible increase in my income. It's as if the diagnosis has given me a new set of tools to navigate the world more effectively, and it's paying off. The progress I've made, for which I am immensely thankful, would not have been possible without this diagnosis.

The cliche, 'Better late than never,' has never rung so true. It may have taken time to uncover this facet of myself, but the positive changes it has brought into my life are nothing but appreciated.

-Sergio Santos