The Daily Rambling Artist: A Teacher's Stern Grimace - Ooooh What a Rush!

The Daily Rambling Artist: A Teacher's Stern Grimace - Ooooh What a Rush!

In the vast world of wrestling documentaries that I've immersed myself in, Bret Hart's tale of beginning his artistic journey by drawing the toys he wanted as a kid resonates. It mirrors my own path, which took root with an intense fascination for He-Man action figures.

I can still feel the rush of excitement when my parents presented me with two He-Man figures as a child. My hunger for more of these iconic characters knew no bounds, as I yearned to possess the entire collection. Undeterred by the limitations of reality, I turned to my artistic powers to manifest the He-Man figures that were beyond my reach. Armed with nothing but paper and a colorful array of crayons, I poured my little, child heart into sketching those heroes.

Among the many memories that populate my childhood, one stands out with special clarity—the day my passion for drawing toys collided with my fourth-grade studies in Mr. Buxkemper's class. 

As he delivered his lecture, my mind wandered to my creative world, enticed by the allure of my artwork. Oblivious to my teacher's watchful gaze, I found myself absorbed in my imaginative pursuits, letting the worksheet meant for grades fall by the wayside. AWA wrestling is all I could think about. 

Suddenly, Mr. Buxkemper's stern countenance materialized beside me, and with a disapproving grimace, he took away my drawing. A hint of sadness washed over me, knowing how much effort and love I had invested in that drawing.

Time marched on, and the incident slipped into the recesses of my memory. As fourth-graders we were required to bring home our graded papers for parental acknowledgment. Obliging the routine, I took my stack of papers out of my backpack, handed them to my mom, and happily headed off to play.

The air was suddenly filled with my mom’s unmistakable call from another room, snapping me out of play-land. In her hands, she waved my drawing, with a demanding, "What is this?” I was so excited—it was my drawing! “That’s Hawk and Animal, the Road Warriors!" I declared, bursting with pride and excitement.

Witnessing the genuine joy in my eyes, my mom's stern façade softened into a warm smile. Now, as a parent myself, I often find myself drifting back to that very moment. When my own kids become engrossed in their imaginative artwork, momentarily veering away from their school tasks, I can't help but relate to their distraction. I know that world well. 

The question lingers, though—do I hold a grudge against Mr. Buxkemper for seemingly attempting to sabotage my artistic career? This is where it was all starting! He meant no harm and had no idea; he was just doing what he thought was best for me. No worries. I forgive you, sir! 

-Sergio Santos