The Daily Rambling Artist: All Aboard the Shortage Train!: ADHD Unplugged

The Daily Rambling Artist: All Aboard the Shortage Train!: ADHD Unplugged

When I first started taking Adderall for my ADHD and mentioned it to anyone, the first thing that would echo in such a conversation was the shortage of Adderall. This past week was my first ride on the Adderall shortage train. Good news, I’ve survived!

Years ago, I had a girlfriend who had ADHD. When she’d run out of adderall... it was kind of scary. The fear of resembling what I remembered of her had me a little panicked. But really, there was a day of adjusting, and then what followed was really interesting.

For 37 years, I roamed the Earth as a single man, responsible for really only myself. Time has changed, and the three precious gems that I raise flipped that script tremendously. Realizing the radical change is how I came to ask a doctor about the possibility that I had ADHD.

Whatever I had was definitely affecting my quality of life and productivity. He put me on Adderall, and I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe how I was meant to function. So, being off of that magic pill this last week has been empowering.

I didn’t have the extra help, but I did have a self-awareness of my behaviors as someone with ADHD that I didn’t have prior to taking Adderall. Adjusting and reacting is still difficult but not impossible. It’s comforting to feel this way.

It’s made me think about when the refill comes in. I see that pill in a new light. Kind of like having astigmatism. I can see without reading glasses, but is it better when I use them? Of course. I definitely have more thinking to do. 

-Sergio Santos

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