The Daily Rambling Artist: Artistic Dispatches: Echoes of Creativity and the Call Answered

The Daily Rambling Artist: Artistic Dispatches: Echoes of Creativity and the Call Answered

A significant portion of my artistic expression within pop culture involves an exercise akin to pushing a button and awaiting the response it elicits. I frequently enjoy crafting creations inspired by subjects that typically yield bewildered expressions during my live conversations. Once created, these artistic pieces are cast adrift into the boundless expanse of social media, like a message in a bottle, awaiting the response that echoes back. Such was the case with a Pigmeat Markham painting I created.

My journey into Pigmeat Markham's realm began with my unquenchable thirst for vinyl records. It was amidst these forgotten grooves that I stumbled upon Pigmeat Markham's recordings. I later discovered through a documentary that Pigmeat had a significant influence on Biz Markie. Suddenly, my profound appreciation for Biz Markie became even more lucid, and the connection between his influence and my creative affinity undeniable.

An artistic portrayal of Pigmeat took shape in my studio, patiently waiting among my inventory, biding its time. The awaited moment manifested in my inbox – the anticipated call that never fails to bring a smile to my face had finally arrived. A collector, whose enthusiasm resonated through the video they shared with me, was now proudly serving as the guardian of Pigmeat's framed visage. The warmth and excitement in their voice were so satisfying; I knew that Pigmeat had found a good home.

The collector was a mystery at this point, but in time, with more orders, I got to know Javon a little more. At first, just through DMs, but eventually, I had the privilege of meeting him in person as I was hand-delivering a commissioned piece for him. He invited me to his home, where I was welcomed by his lovely family and surrounded by an impressive collection of art. Within this carefully curated gallery, a few of my creations found their place, and nestled among kindred artworks was Pigmeat – an old friend in a new setting, exuding an air of belonging that never fails to inspire and nourish my creativity.

The resonance of this encounter goes beyond the artistic pieces themselves. It delves into the profound power of art to forge connections that bridge the gaps between our diverse lives. As distinct as our paths may be, we are bound by the threads of shared experiences and emotions. I often emphasize this truth, particularly in the realm of pop culture, and the more I experience, share, and connect, the more evident it becomes.

-Sergio Santos