The Daily Rambling Artist: Artistry in Flux — Adapting to AI's Creative Disruption

The Daily Rambling Artist: Artistry in Flux — Adapting to AI's Creative Disruption

Listening to the feedback on my thoughts about AI has been intriguing. The dominant sentiment seems to be apprehension. This made me reflect on why I personally don't share that apprehension. It occurred to me that my perspective might be shaped by how I perceive myself as an artist.

Delving deeper into this perspective, I've noticed three distinct shifts in my artistic expression over the course of my life. As a child, I enjoyed drawing, but it was through writing that I found my most potent means of self-expression. During my college years, I chose academic paths that aligned with my writing inclination. Concurrently, I developed an interest in photography, which gradually took over as my primary outlet.

Yet, even as photography held sway over my creative expression, I eventually reached a juncture where its allure waned. This led me to transition to painting, my current artistic domain. The crux of this chronology is that I have never relinquished my identity as an artist.

When I contemplate the prospect of AI replicating my creative processes on canvas, I'm not filled with apprehension. Instead, I find myself pondering how my artistic expression will evolve next – in which medium it will find its new voice.

To better compress and elucidate my rambling here: each of these forms of expression has been a medium, but at the core, I am an artist. My identity isn't solely tied to being a writer, a photographer, or a painter; I am, fundamentally, a human artist. To be candid, the idea of AI disrupting the conventional landscape of art exhilarates me. It introduces the challenge of rediscovering and preserving that unique artistic voice in the face of inevitable innovation.

Admittedly, these musings are speculative in nature. It's possible that AI might not disrupt anything at all. Considering, however, the prospect of AI revolutionizing every aspect of art is undeniably a thrilling proposition in my eyes. It sounds like a really fun ballgame. I say, bring it!

-Sergio Santos