The Daily Rambling Artist - Between the Lines: Coloring By Example

The Daily Rambling Artist - Between the Lines: Coloring By Example

Something I'm instilling in my little ones is the idea that there are no wins without losses. Persistence has always been a significant part of who I am. When I'm encouraging this trait in them, it leads me to reflect on how it first developed within me.

Perseverance was an early trait I exhibited. I can attribute it to my desire to reach my goals faster. One of my earliest memories of this determination was related to coloring. My father, who worked with cars, often took me to the shop with him.

Being around cars that were sometimes totalled fascinated me. I remember many instances when I found things left behind in those cars, like a kid's coloring book that was far superior to mine in terms of the quality of its coloring. 

I took that book home, studied it and got to work. Having an example before me, I dedicated a substantial amount of time to coloring. There were numerous pages I considered failures in my quest to emulate the example, but eventually, I elevated my coloring skills. Looking back, it strikes me as somewhat unusual behavior for someone as young as I was.

When I think about it even more, that spirit of perseverance was merely an emulation of what I saw in my parents. I saw how hard they worked and how they never complained. Observing my own children now, I realize just how much they absorb from their surroundings. It reinforces the idea that it all starts at home.

-Sergio Santos