The Daily Rambling Artist: Beyond the Art Studio - A Toaster's Unconventional Impact

The Daily Rambling Artist: Beyond the Art Studio - A Toaster's Unconventional Impact

One of my all-time favorite wrestling documentaries is "Beyond the Mat," a film that strangely enough left a powerful mark on my artistic path. Amongst the random clips and intense scenes, a particular segment featuring the wrestler New Jack talking to an interviewer stood out. As I watched him wield a toaster to brain another wrestler, his words echoed in my mind: "I ain't a forty-hour motherf**cker, man. Never have, never will be."

This unconventional speech struck a chord with me in ways I couldn't ignore. I was just starting my career as an artist, and the impact of this raw, unfiltered moment was unexpected yet undeniable. It wasn't your typical source of inspiration found in the art world, or any world for that matter, but it resonated deeply.

People often inquire about my wrestling obsession, and it's moments like this one with New Jack that lie at the heart of it all. Wrestling, to me, is more than just entertainment; it embodies the narrative of individuals choosing an unconventional path as their career. The courage to embrace a unique journey in life becomes a central theme.

Though I can't recall the exact quote, I remember reading Mick Foley's "Have a Nice Day" and coming across his powerful statement. He expressed that he'd rather take a steel chair shot to the head than be confined to a desk job. That powerful statement, much like New Jack's words, stays with me.

In times of artistic hardship, I would envision New Jack clanking that toaster against the other wrestler's head as he spoke, the scars on his head telling tales of hard-fought battles. It made being an artist in a cozy studio seem clearer, almost bizarrely so, surrounded by creative freedom.

In the end, wrestling may be a world of theatrics and physicality, but it's also a canvas for stories of determination, perseverance, and personal triumphs. While many sports share these aspects, wrestling's path to success is different and unique. One thing I know I have in common with New Jack and Mick Foley, however, is that I too am no forty-hour-a-week motherf**cker. Never have been, never will be.

-Sergio Santos