The Daily Rambling Artist: Confessions of a Bargain-Hunting Impostor: A Meditation on Life's Fleeting Nature

The Daily Rambling Artist: Confessions of a Bargain-Hunting Impostor: A Meditation on Life's Fleeting Nature

One of my hobbies is exploring garage and estate sales. I often mask this hobby as a quest for canvases and other art materials, which I invariably find; however, the truth is, I find immense joy in the process itself. To me, it's a leisurely pursuit.

Estate sales, however, come with a bittersweet undertone. More often than not, they are the result of someone's passing. What intrigues me in such instances is the rich tapestry of a person's history, as glimpsed through the remnants they leave behind.

Particularly, local history seems to come alive in the realm of estate sales. Just last weekend, I stumbled upon two books dedicated to the art of barber shaving mugs. These volumes were not just ordinary finds; they were signed by the author. Curiosity led me to delve deeper, and I uncovered that this author had resided on the very same street as my parents and brother. He had left this world over a decade ago.

Further exploration revealed that he was the sole non-barber to be inducted into the Barber Hall of Fame. This honor was bestowed upon him due to his groundbreaking books and significant contributions to the profession. It fascinates me how devoted he was to this niche field.

I could sense a substantial part of his life force infused into those shaving mug books, and I found it inspiring that he had the determination to pursue his passion with such fervor. Holding those books in my hands, especially one inscribed to his parents, was a surreal experience.

As I reflect on that moment, I realize that it's a truth I've held within me for quite some time. The things I accumulate in life are ephemeral; I cannot carry them with me beyond this world. Their physical manifestations will eventually find new homes and owners, or disappear. This realization underscores the importance of infusing my endeavors with the same life force that Mr. Powell poured into his two self-published books.

Though he may no longer be here, I can still admire the beauty of his unwavering dedication. It's a poignant example that urges me to live with the same enthusiasm and commitment in all that I do.

-Sergio Santos