The Daily Rambling Artist - Defying Self Doubt: Harmonizing Individuality and Creativity

The Daily Rambling Artist - Defying Self Doubt: Harmonizing Individuality and Creativity

A friend recently approached me with a question that got me thinking. She asked, "Do you think I could write a book?" Without hesitation, I replied, "Absolutely, you can." She went on to explain that someone had approached her with the idea of writing a book, but she seemed to doubt her own abilities. The truth is, I could relate to her uncertainty because, for many people, including myself, it's not an uncommon feeling.

I shared with her a personal experience. Often, praise for my work and career leaves me feeling strange. The truth, as I see it, is that I was too dumb to do anything else. I give myself more credit here and there, but at my core, it's what I've always felt. As I entered the adult world, I looked around and realized that so many roles and professions didn't suit me.

Art, however, was different. I looked at it and thought, "I can do that." Even when others doubted my abilities, I remained steadfast in my conviction. It wasn't because I thought or think I am great; it's because I couldn't see any alternative. It's not a matter of self-aggrandizement; it's the realization that this is what I do. I decided, early on, that I'm Sergio Santos, the artist, and no one else can fill that role. Only I can be me.

It's about embracing uniqueness and recognizing the distinct contribution creators can make to the world. My friend should write a book, not because she believes she's the greatest writer, but because her voice and perspective are uniquely hers, and the world needs that. Also, the itch has struck, and an itch and a call are one and the same I've come to learn through the years.

Similarly, I create art not because I think I'm the greatest artist, but because I'm the only one who can bring my art to life. Embracing individuality is a powerful thing, and it's what makes the world a richer, more diverse place.

-Sergio Santos