The Daily Rambling Artist: Do Not Go Gentle into Dreamland - A Father's Creative Rebellion

The Daily Rambling Artist: Do Not Go Gentle into Dreamland - A Father's Creative Rebellion

Once upon a time, my daily routine revolved around my art studio. I would wake up, casually paint for twenty consecutive hours, then wake up and do it again. It was a glorious run.

Parenthood ended that routine. Now, eight years into fatherhood, I find myself a full-time artist and a dedicated parent, striving to maintain my artistic discipline amidst the magnificent chaos of family life.

Despite the circus-like balancing act required to find studio time, I have managed to make it a priority. Barring any family emergencies, I make sure to spill paint in the studio every single day. This daily creative ritual is essential to me; it keeps me regulated and grounded.

Current day, my typical art routine consists of two paint sessions. My favorite one coincides with my children's art time. I have always enjoyed creating in the company of others, but there's something magical about witnessing my little ones' creativity bloom as I work alongside them. It is heaven.

Despite exerting much energy in the studio and through other part of the day, my children are a resilient bunch, and putting them to bed is often a battle, as they rage, rage against sleep! Eventually, everything settles down, allowing me to start my second studio session. 

Most nights, I'm ready and eager to dive into my art. There are, however, moments like last night, when the allure of sleep is tempting. In those instances, I remind myself of the artistic creed I've set for myself, and I find the strength to drag myself into the studio.

This second session is always messier, with paint flying freely and colors swirling in beautiful chaos. In the midst of this artistic frenzy, I often experience, the lethargy subsides as a second wind appears, and it transports me to a different dimension. 

It's a consistent ritual, yet each time, I am no less amazed at the awakening it brings. I am grateful for this second rush and the opportunity it brings to immerse myself in the liberating embrace of creation. It becomes easier, to more properly quote Dylan Thomas, ”Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

-Sergio Santos