The Daily Rambling Artist: Eternal Evolution & Electric Dreams - From Chappie Dreams to Viral Schemes

The Daily Rambling Artist: Eternal Evolution & Electric Dreams - From Chappie Dreams to Viral Schemes

Part of my intrigue with AI stems from the idea of potentially transferring our consciousness into machines, akin to the concept in the movie "Chappie." There, I said it! I speak in jest, but I admit that the thought arises as I watch my children grow and yearn to witness their eternal evolution.

The other facet of my captivation lies in AI's impact on our world - its potential to reshape the human experience. I absorb a spectrum of perspectives, from the optimistic to the unsettling, and everything in between. Amidst this abundance of viewpoints, I realize that some carry more weight than others in the enriching cosmos of AI discourse.

Openly, I celebrate the remarkable era for artists in the realm of marketing. As an individual artist like myself, the opportunities for broadcasting have never been more plentiful. The buzz of going viral is palpable, yet even without achieving such fame, an artist's reach is astounding, particularly when contrasted with the not-so-distant past. I consider it a golden age marketing-wise for my profession.

AI is a potent enhancer of this capability. I suspect, however, that this party inevitably concludes. The landscape of social media shifted the attention game. "Celebrity" now carries a distinct meaning for the younger generation, reshaped by evolving modes of media and entertainment. This transformation is what makes the art of marketing such an enthralling and influential endeavor. Much of my marketing derives inspiration from analyzing popular content.

The tune is poised for alteration, though—this is most likely inevitable. The rise of AI-generated content will supplant the human-created kind, and the difference will not be discernible. Imagine the prolific output of AI crafting viral material—it's a game-changer. Even for someone like me, currently reaping the benefits of technological advancements, the terrain is shifting, and rapidly.

I'm merely scratching the surface of the vast AI equation. Yet, I believe it's a crucial contemplation for nearly everyone. Whether one embraces or resists AI, it's a force that won't retreat, poised to shape every facet of existence in various ways, regardless of one's vocation. So, delve into the subject, ruminate, and prepare for its sweeping influence.

-Sergio Santos