The Daily Rambling Artist: Fact-Checking in the Era of Authenticity

The Daily Rambling Artist: Fact-Checking in the Era of Authenticity

Authenticity. It's quite the buzzword currently, and it's no surprise given the current state of the world. Currently, I often find myself fact-checking things I come across on social media. Is it real, or just another fabrication? This reality stands in stark contrast to my youth when commercials would inquire whether something was "live or Memorex." The commercial seemed silly then. Today's laughter in regards to AI is minimal in comparison.

I've spent a lot of time pondering and discussing the topic of AI. When I delve into the general fear surrounding AI, I can understand why it can be daunting. It boils down to the fear of being replaced, of becoming obsolete as humans.

Yet, like most things, I observe the advancement of technology with profound curiosity. Perhaps it's because of my role as an artist; I view life as a game I'm actively participating in. It's not that I take life lightly, but I see it as an adventure encompassing both the good and the bad, and everything in between.

I don't perceive AI as a threat to this game of life. Instead, I see it as something that alters the game's parameters. Rather than fearing it, I'm focused on remaining an active player. Sharing has always been a big part of my art, and my recent surge in sharing stems from everything I've mentioned.

In this game of life, AI is not an opponent; it's a co-player, challenging me to redefine the rules and discover fresh avenues for creativity. So, as I share more than ever before, I'm not just seen but also heard in this ever-evolving narrative. In the end, authenticity isn't just a buzzword; it's the essence of how we navigate this brave new world, where every moment is an opportunity to paint our own unique strokes on the canvas of existence.

-Sergio Santos