The Daily Rambling Artist - Finding Equilibrium: A Week of Work and Pause

The Daily Rambling Artist - Finding Equilibrium: A Week of Work and Pause

This past week I decided to take a step back and reflect. It was a moment of acknowledging the substantial effort I've invested not only in my studio work this year but also in marketing, writing, and managing family responsibilities. 

Admitting this level of dedication to myself has always been a challenge. Growing up, my parents were the epitome of workhorses—never missing a beat, never complaining. While I hold steadfast to those principles, I've come to realize that it's equally acceptable to grant myself the space to ease up a bit.

In my journey, I've embraced the idea that taking a break from certain aspects doesn't result in the world disintegrating or all my efforts plummeting to zero. It's been a transformative process, gradually understanding that allowing myself some room for respite doesn't mean I'm hanging back too much. There's a delicate balance between dedication and self-care, and I'm learning to navigate it. 

This realization has been liberating. I've come to understand that the world doesn't hinge on my constant, unrelenting effort. It's a profound shift to recognize that, by taking moments to step back, I'm not jeopardizing the essence of my work or the stability of my endeavors. The journey has been a blend of honoring hard work while also appreciating the value of occasional reprieve. 

It's a testament to resilience—finding that equilibrium between dedication and self-compassion, and understanding that, ultimately, the path forward is enriched by both. Onward, with a newfound understanding of the rhythm of progress and the harmony between diligence and gentle pauses.

-Sergio Santos