The Daily Rambling Artist: From Five-Dollar Shows to Sonic Bliss - Nostalgia and Musical Moments

The Daily Rambling Artist: From Five-Dollar Shows to Sonic Bliss - Nostalgia and Musical Moments

I’m not big on regret, but rather, I find myself appreciating the past and the experiences it bestows on me. My undergraduate studies in philosophy had a profound impact, particularly when we got to Jean-Paul Sartre's concept of how the past, present, and future intertwine and influence one another. This notion still shapes my approach to my artistic endeavors, whether they involve pop art or otherwise.

Something that I am grateful for in the past is a time when my biggest concern in the world revolved around having enough money to attend a concert. It’s all I thought about. While the exorbitant costs of big-name concerts were beyond my reach, I found solace in attending five-dollar shows and developed what is considered by many an odd taste in music. I frequently hit up my uncle for five bucks, and he would always oblige with a serene smile, sometimes even offering to give me a ride to the show.

On one such occasion, Sonic Youth was gracing our town with their presence. The tickets, priced at a whopping 18 dollars or so, seemed like a mountain to overcome. I was determined and scraped together the required funds. My friend Jon took charge of securing the tickets. I often lacked transportation during those college days, and he served as my lifeline for such endeavors. God bless, the lad!

The awaited night arrived, and we found ourselves inside the venue. As the concert unfolded, I'm convinced my radiant joy illuminated the dimly lit space. With each song, I transported into a state of pure ecstasy. Then, a moment arrived—Thurston Moore unleashed a mesmerizing solo during the performance of "Diamond Sea." It felt as though time itself elongated, stretching the solo into what seemed like hours. It was perfect.

That's what the studio represents to me at times—a gateway to the past, as if I'm selecting a cherished tune from a nostalgic jukebox. Sometimes, it harmonizes with the present, resonating deeply within me. Other times, it feels like a distant stranger—an echo from a different era. Regardless, I hold a genuine appreciation for these moments, as they shape who I am today, represent who I was yesterday, and fuel my future artistic journey.

-Sergio Santos