The Daily Rambling Artist: From Silence to Symphony: The Alchemy of Creative Expression

The Daily Rambling Artist: From Silence to Symphony: The Alchemy of Creative Expression

I ponder the idea of something coming from seemingly nothing a lot . These words weren’t here a minute ago, and now they are. Isn’t that amazing? I love recognizing this magic in expressive forms. My past life in nightlife photography, as wild and random as it could be, also had its share of monotony. Amidst those moments of routine, I often found myself contemplating how something could emerge from nothing as drunk people tugged at me for a picture.

My favorite DJs always looked zoned out in the booth as people would go up and talk to them. They seemed like they were on other planets. One particular night I had the privilege of watching one of my favorite DJs, Dj Pollo, working during a rather slow night, which reluctantly happens in the club scene.

On this specific night, I believe rain had driven away many potential revelers, leaving a sparse crowd. Pollo's eyes always bore into the crowd with intensity, but they were particularly intense this night. Slowly, the modest gathering began to sway to the rhythm of his musical alchemy. With time, the dance floor transformed from a desolate expanse into a vibrant, pulsating sea of motion. It was magic; something from nothing.

I was fortunate enough to interview Pollo during this era for an article. His explanation of his process, though seemingly straightforward, revealed the intricate workings of his craft. Dj Pollo emphasized the power of observation. He dissected the elements at play, recognizing the role of alcohol in loosening inhibitions but delving deeper than that. He described scanning the room for the subtlest movements and cues from the crowd.

Night after night he orchestrated an experience, manipulating sounds to inspire movement and emotion. With each adjustment of the faders and knobs, he breathed life into the dance floor.

It’s one of those conversations that remains in my permanent cool book. As much as I’ve stressed something coming from nothing—the reality is that it’s all energy—and it’s always a joy to unravel how different creatives use that sometimes unseen energy.

-Sergio Santos