The Daily Rambling Artist: Generational Monsters - Embracing the Imaginative Legacy

The Daily Rambling Artist: Generational Monsters - Embracing the Imaginative Legacy

One of my daughters recently approached me with a curious question about the monsters I often draw. It's fascinating how these kiddos challenge my brain on a daily basis, sparking my creativity in unexpected ways. 

To illustrate the origin of these imaginative beings, I decided to show my daughter a glimpse of my artistic influences. Among the various artworks I presented were examples of ancient Mayan art—a tribute to our Central American heritage. While they weren't heavily displayed in our home during my childhood, their presence still managed to seep into my consciousness, influencing my artistic sensibilities.

In our shared journey, it’s no surprise that I've witnessed my children's affinity for monsters and creatures. From an early age, they've embraced their imagination, painting their own versions of these fantastical beings. It's a delight to see how their creativity flourishes, breathing life into their unique interpretations.

In this artistic exchange, I've come to realize that these monsters are not just figments of my imagination; they've become my friends. And it's fascinating to witness my children taking the same approach in their own monster creations, each imbued with their youthful creativity and boundless imagination.

Together, we embrace the bond we share—the interplay of generations, the exploration of imagination, and the ever-evolving world of monsters. They are more than just drawings; they are gateways to connection, expressions of our inner selves, and reminders of the beauty that lies within our cultural heritage. Also, they’re just kinda cool. 

-Sergio Santos