The Daily Rambling Artist: Hang in There, AJ! Bingeing 'The Sopranos' in Quarantine

The Daily Rambling Artist: Hang in There, AJ! Bingeing 'The Sopranos' in Quarantine

A few years ago, just before the COVID pandemic brought the world to a halt, I fell ill. In retrospect, I'm pretty certain that I had COVID. Prior to this illness, I had been watching "The Sopranos." Given that I don't have much time for TV, being sick as a dog gave me the opportunity to finish the series I had been slowly watching for the first time.

Like any other viewer, I became deeply engrossed in the lives of the characters. However, what eventually struck me was the absence of empathy I felt towards any of them. They were all, without exception, morally reprehensible individuals. It struck me as strange that I could be so captivated by the show despite this fact, but I suppose that's just the nature of the beast. There's something intriguing about watching such specimens on display.

Numerous scenes in the series entertained me, but one scene, in particular, stands out. It's the moment when AJ, Tony's son, attempts to go for a permanent swim in the family pool. Tony rushes in and rescues him, berating him fiercely like an enraged dog. Though not meant literally, the juxtaposition of Tony's towering presence during the rescue struck me as darkly amusing. I attempted to empathize with AJ in that scene.

Imagine finding yourself on the verge of trying to leave the planet, and then this furious caveman is there, shaking you furiously, and calling you an idiot. What a way to go! It's strange how certain things gain mass appeal. I certainly count myself among those who find it appealing, but yes, undeniably peculiar.

-Sergio Santos