The Daily Rambling Artist: In Pursuit of Focus: How Time Flies!

The Daily Rambling Artist: In Pursuit of Focus: How Time Flies!

Just one week without my ADHD medication due to a shortage, and I thought I could handle it all. I felt a sense of pride in my ability to function without it. But as the clock relentlessly inches toward midnight, here I am, lost in the meandering labyrinth of my thoughts, writing this daily ramble. Time has slipped through my fingers, and I lost track of it.

For as long as I can remember, I've been frustrated by this aspect of myself, this perpetual wrestling match with time and focus. But now, I'm starting to understand why. This journey down the winding road of ADHD has been more enlightening than I could have ever imagined.

Yesterday, I found myself musing about how I wish I could apply the same level of proficiency to the rest of my day as I effortlessly do in my studio. I realize more and more, that's what the medication accomplishes. It sets a rhythm to my day.

This journey, illuminated by my own self-discovery, has been both remarkable and humbling. I see the brilliance in my strengths, particularly when I immerse myself in the creative sanctuary of my studio, or something I'm hyper-interested in. But it also exposes my weaknesses, those moments when my focus wavers and time dances away.

-Sergio Santos