The Daily Rambling Artist - Jason Friday the 13th: Still Tippin'

The Daily Rambling Artist - Jason Friday the 13th: Still Tippin'

In the small town of Crystal Lake, a notorious killer named Jason Voorhees had struck fear into the hearts of residents for years. But one fateful day, after years of lurking in the shadows of his native Crystal Lake, he found himself far from home in the sprawling city of Houston, Texas.

Wandering through the city, Jason came across an abandoned, graffiti-covered building in Houston, Texas. As he cautiously entered, he noticed an old, worn styrofoam cup on a dusty table. Inside the cup was a peculiar and vibrant purple liquid, unlike anything he had ever seen.

Curiosity got the better of him, and Jason took a hesitant sip of the mysterious drink. To his surprise, the taste was oddly appealing – a sweet and fruity blend. The effects of the drink were immediate; a sense of calm and relaxation washed over him.

For the first time in his life, Jason felt a strange sensation he couldn't quite place – something that seemed almost like contentment. It was as though the purple drank had temporarily quelled his murderous tendencies. He found himself in a serene state of mind, far from the relentless pursuit of mayhem that had defined his existence.

Intrigued by this newfound experience, Jason decided to take a break from his murderous rampage. He spent his days meandering through the town of Houston, relishing in the tranquility of the surroundings. He even attempted to make friends, or as close to it as his eerie appearance would allow.

After some time, Jason felt a pull back to his native Crystal Lake. Returning there, he became a local legend once more. The people of Crystal Lake were shocked by his transformation.

No longer a harbinger of fear, he was now a symbol of redemption and change, and at the peak of his community’s embrace, he vanished, never to be seen again. Legend has it that if you listen very carefully at night, you can still hear Jason Still Tippin' on fo' fo's wrapped in fo' vogues.

-Sergio Santos