The Daily Rambling Artist: Jurrassic Joyride - My Early Childhood Obsession

The Daily Rambling Artist: Jurrassic Joyride - My Early Childhood Obsession

Childhood memories are so peculiar. I think it was third grade when we got the thrilling opportunity to embark on a field trip to a dinosaur center. Looking back, it's quite a vague memory because, as an adult in Houston, I've never come across such a place again. But for an 8-year-old me, the mere thought of a center devoted entirely to dinosaurs was an easy sell!

Even before that exciting trip, I was already captivated by these mythical creatures. Whenever I visited museums, my eyes would widen with awe as I gawked at the majestic dinosaur bones on display. I couldn't get enough of these ancient beings, and my curiosity drove me to explore book after book about them.

My fascination with dinosaurs knew no bounds. Beyond the museum visits and books, I immersed myself in any form of dinosaur-related media I could find. From cartoons and documentaries to movies, I couldn't get enough of these prehistoric wonders. My room soon became a dinosaur haven, adorned with dinosaur drawings.

But it wasn't just the fantasy world that thrilled me; it was the awe-inspiring notion that these ancient giants once roamed the very earth I stood on. The idea that they lived millions of years ago, dominating the landscape, was mind-boggling. I felt a profound connection to these ancient beings, as if they were whispering their tales of ancient history directly to my curious young mind.

My passion for dinosaurs extended to sharing intriguing facts with my family and friends. I'd excitedly narrate details about the T-Rex's powerful jaws or the long neck of the Brachiosaurus. Everyone around me knew of my deep fascination, and I relished every opportunity to talk about these magnificent creatures. It was an early hyper-obsession.

As I grew older, my love for dinosaurs never waned. Even now, as an adult, whenever I encounter a dinosaur exhibit or catch a glimpse of a dinosaur documentary on TV, I'm transported back to that field trip and the excitement I felt as a young explorer. The magic of those childhood memories lingers on, reminding me that even in the passage of time, the wonder of dinosaurs will always hold a special place in my heart.

-Sergio Santos