The Daily Rambling Artist: Life's Unpredictable Canvas: The Evolution of a Creative Commitment

The Daily Rambling Artist: Life's Unpredictable Canvas: The Evolution of a Creative Commitment

The idea of creating something every day has been a discipline in my life that I established during my college years. Back then, when my medium was photography, it was relatively easy to create an image every day. It's even easier now. When I transitioned into painting, the daily practice became a bit more challenging, but by no means impossible.

I believe this discipline was initially instilled in me during my photography class. Our teacher shared some of her work with us, and I was captivated. I yearned to reach that level of excellence, and so I spent countless hours in the darkroom, honing my craft. It reminded me of Muhammad Ali and his famous jab, how he would keep it right in his opponent's face. I wanted to be like Ali.

My work ethic has remained unwavering over the years. Even on the toughest days, the act of creating never feels burdensome to me. In fact, pushing paint around in the studio has always been a soothing and meditative experience.

A few years ago, however, my motivation for this daily practice was amplified. A close friend passed away at the tender age of 28, losing his battle with lung cancer. As I worked in the studio at that time, I couldn't help but reflect on how young he was. It was a stark reminder that life is far from guaranteed.

In response to this realization, I made a promise to myself. The promise was that I would step into my studio every single day and paint as if it were my last, because in reality, life offers no assurances.

As a single man, my commitment to paint remained unwavering. With the arrival of my children, as it should be, my priorities shifted. Now, alongside my unwavering dedication to my art, I make a solemn pledge to spend quality time with them every day, cherishing each moment as if it were my last. For once again, life has shown me that it is anything but predictable, but certainly beautifully tiring.

-Sergio Santos