The Daily Rambling Artist: Night Vision - If a Dj Scratches in a Forest , , ,

The Daily Rambling Artist: Night Vision - If a Dj Scratches in a Forest , , , 

Photographing vibrant night life was an enlightening experience for me. One of the things it did was it allowed me to truly appreciate the art of DJing. I realized that the quality of a DJ's performance greatly influenced the outcome of my night photography, as their skills and energy would resonate with the crowd and shape the atmosphere. It made me understand that music is more than just sound, but a conduit of energy.

I quickly became fascinated by the various ways and methodologies through which DJs could manipulate this energy. To navigate around the potential pitfalls of a lackluster DJ set, I adopted a strategy of inquiring about the DJ beforehand before accepting any gig. I was probably the only photographer to do so. Once in a while, I still had to work a dud, but over all—it was good times! 

One night I arrived at a venue earlier than usual, finding only the staff preparing for the upcoming rowdy night. Among them was David Cruz, a DJ who instantly became one of my favorites. As I hung out near the DJ booth, he was meticulously checking the sound system. Suddenly, he let loose an incredible scratching session that sent electrifying sounds slicing through the air. It was a truly astonishing spectacle to behold.

Unable to contain my excitement, I approached David and exclaimed, "That was awesome!" He responded reflectively, saying, "Yeah, too bad we're the only ones who heard it." I disagreed. It was selfish, but these greedy moments kept me coming back night after night for a good stretch. 

-Sergio Santos