The Daily Rambling Artist: No One Cares - You're a Winner!

The Daily Rambling Artist: No One Cares: You're a Winner!

My high school social circle was largely devoid of cars. That all changed when my friend Jon proudly acquired a magnificent beater of a car. It was a game-changer; suddenly, we could embark on crazy adventures like driving to the record store after school, and that's precisely what we did. We were wild ones!

Our trips to the record store were a perfect mix of curiosity and excitement. Operating within the constraints of our frugal economy, we managed a few purchases here and there. Our primary objective, however, was to plug into the listening stations and meticulously scrutinize each record cover, one by one. Those moments were pure magic—times when the world around us faded into the background, leaving only the beats, lyrics, and vibrant artwork to captivate us.

There was this one record store that always had displays, tempting patrons to participate in a drawing for a chance to win something special. I never won any of these contests, but I made it a habit to fill out those little cards and drop them into the drawing box anyway. Then, one evening, the phone in my house rang, and I answered. The voice on the other end asked for me and informed me that I had won tickets to see Live, with Weezer as the opening act.

My reaction was impressionable, as the caller was taken aback, remarking, "You're excited? No one we’ve called has cared." Destiny had made its choice—it was my moment to shine from the midst of that random drawing box, and yes, I was brimming with excitement.

The instructions were to present my ID at the door for entry. Anxiously clutching my social security card, I hoped it would suffice as proper identification. Thankfully, it worked, or maybe I’d hate Weezer today. My friend and I found ourselves stepping into the venue—glorious raffle winners.

My introduction to Weezer was through a compilation album released by Geffen Records, the DGC Rarities collection. Among the tracks, I fell in love with their song "Jamie" and then their debut album. This concert was held in a smaller venue, and Weezer hadn't yet reached the zenith of their popularity.

The crowd was strange. I remember the bassist attempting to convey a sentiment about “darkness,” only to be met with a very audible, “F***k you.” Cheap beer inevitably brings out the awesomeness in some people. Nevertheless, their set rocked, and it’s one of my favorites in the discography of my live show experiences.

As life continued its journey, I became a parent for the first time, my newborn cradled close as I worked on art and filled the air with melodies. Not surprisingly, given the time stamp on his father’s musical taste, the young lad’s favorite band is Weezer, which always brings a smile to my face. Every time I think about that long-ago moment when I won those concert tickets and reveled in my excitement, I'm reminded of how gratitude is one of life’s greatest gifts, enriching the tapestry of my memories and infusing them with unparalleled joy.

-Sergio Santos