The Daily Rambling Artist - Of Chills and Childhood: A Tale of Resilience

The Daily Rambling Artist - Of Chills and Childhood: A Tale of Resilience

As I sit down to write these words, my thoughts are interrupted by the sound of a cough from the next room. It's one of those days when one of my children is feeling under the weather, and I believe they've shared their malaise with me. Despite the nagging fatigue and the reluctance to exert words, such situations always transport me back to my own childhood.

Both of my parents were alike when it came to dealing with illness. They possessed an unyielding work ethic that I couldn't help but absorb. While I can recall countless instances of their determination, one particular memory stands out.

I remember a day when my father was burning up with fever, his face flushed, and his forehead beaded with sweat. Most people in his condition would have stayed in bed, under the comforting embrace of blankets and rest. Despite his weakened state, he insisted on going to work, because he had a deadline. It was a vivid demonstration of his unwavering commitment and dedication, a work ethic that I, as a child, could not fully comprehend but absorbed nonetheless.

As I grew older, I began to appreciate the importance of balance and self-care. I realized that pushing oneself relentlessly in the face of illness wasn't always the wisest choice. I learned to give myself permission to heal, to take a step back when needed, and to prioritize self-preservation. Yet, deep down, I've never forgotten the lessons of persistence and determination that my parents instilled in me.

-Sergio Santos