The Daily Rambling Artist - Paintball in the Sun: When It All Just Clicked!

The Daily Rambling Artist - Paintball in the Sun: When It All Just Clicked!

Many moons ago, during my photography days, I found myself documenting a charity event that would change the course of my creative journey. The event involved children enthusiastically hurling paint-covered tennis balls at vast canvases. It was an absolute blast, and little did I know it would lead me to put down the camera and embrace painting as a full-time pursuit.

At the helm of this vibrant chaos was my friend, Antonio, a seasoned professional painter. His role was to guide the spontaneous energy of the canvases, which would later be auctioned off for charity.

This memorable event unfolded beneath the scorching Houston sun, the air thick with humidity. I recall a pivotal moment when Antonio, surrounded by a few of us, shared some knowledge of his role at the event with us. He took some existing paint and poured it on one of the vertical canvases, blending it into the splatters. We stood there, mesmerized, as colors fused, and gravity worked its enchantment while he talked us through some theory.

That moment stays with me always. I don't believe Antonio fully comprehends the profound impact it had on me, despite my attempts to convey its significance to him. My soul grasped its importance, and it was inevitable that I would apply his lesson.

Before long, I found myself among a group of artists collaborating on the painted splatters from that event. I shared that exhibition with Antonio and others, and to this day, it stands as one of my most cherished showcases.

It's truly astonishing how a simple act of sharing wisdom can become a mountain of inspiration for someone else. That moment played a pivotal role in constructing my artistic kingdom, a legacy I now pass on to my children, shaping it into a generational gift.

-Sergio Santos