The Daily Rambling Artist: Pawn Star Knowledge! - Music's Role In the Art Studio

The Daily Rambling Artist: Pawn Star Knowledge! - Music's Role In the Art Studio

It was during an episode of the show "Pawn Stars" that I stumbled upon an unexpected insight regarding the relationship between the studio and music. As Rick, the head honcho of "Pawn Stars," delved into the details of an art piece, he revealed how music had influenced its creation, marking it as one of the first of its kind in its time.

This revelation caught me off guard, causing me to reflect on my own artistic process. As a willing slave to the studio, I often take for granted the constant presence of music in my creative sanctuary. Rick's observation struck a chord, reminding me that in earlier eras, artists were unlikely to have the luxury of a chamber orchestra serenading them in their studios. Although, that would be awesome!

While there may be occasional moments when painting in silence holds its own allure, I find myself deeply connected to the power of music during my creative endeavors. It sets the rhythm, stirs emotions, and fuels my inspiration. It becomes the harmonious backdrop against which my imagination thrives.

In many ways, I feel immensely fortunate to live in an era where music is readily accessible to artists. With the advent of record players, digital streaming, and portable devices, a vast symphony of sounds is at our fingertips. An artist can curate playlists that perfectly align with their artistic intentions, elevating and aiding the creative process to new heights. In short, we are a spoiled bunch!

-Sergio Santos