The Daily Rambling Artist: Press Start for Joy - Navigating Life's Labyrinth with a Grin

The Daily Rambling Artist: Press Start for Joy - Navigating Life's Labyrinth with a Grin

I tuned into a podcast delving into AI's influence on the world's future. One of the speakers mused, "This existence. It’s got to be a game." The room erupted in shared laughter, a chorus that I, too, joined. As the laughter subsided, a peculiar silence settled within me.

Each day I step into my studio without a meticulously outlined plan, allowing the currents of inspiration to guide my creative process. Even commissioned pieces intertwine with the intangible forces that sway me in the moment. My daily writing, a practice I embarked on this year, serves as a guiding thread, helping me unravel the intricate layers of this mysterious creative process—an almost out-of-body dance of experience.

Listening to that podcast conversation triggered a cascade of realizations. While I, like others, create sports art due to an undeniable fandom, this exchange unveiled a deeper personal resonance.

It's not just about the thrill of the game; it's about the layers of meaning woven into it. Even my adoration for my beloved wrasslin', fits this narrative. Games, after all, are metaphors spun by human hands. Within them lie the crescendos and troughs, the struggle with adversity, and the raw, unfiltered surge of emotion that mirror the intricate fabric of human life so intensely.

Another realization struck me; it was an intense podcast! The 'dancing letters' that float from athletes' jerseys in my art—those too are part of my exploration. Picture the intensity of a moment frozen in time, and then imagine a letter from Clemente's jersey gracefully taking flight. I often need the laughter of that imagined moment in my life; that’s a large part of why those letters take flight.

Life itself is a profound game punctuated by genuine, even somber, moments. Even with the gravity of it all, there's always room for laughter. In this intricate, sometimes tense world, with its spectrum of experiences, I'm simply grateful and joyous for each day I get to wake up and play the game.

-Sergio Santos