The Daily Rambling Artist: Sticks and Stones: Embracing Your Inner Child

The Daily Rambling Artist: Sticks and Stones: Embracing Your Inner Child

The majority of my studio time is accompanied by music, but every now and then, I switch it up by tuning into a podcast. Among my favorites is Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast, whose stage performances also never fail to captivate me. His profound observations strike a chord with me, and one particular paraphrased quote of his lingers in my mind: "Remember when you were a child, and you had a rock. And that rock was so incredibly cool? You showed it to everyone. ‘Look, I have a rock!’ What happened to that kid?"

I can't claim to know the experiences of everyone, but I suspect that, as we grow older, many of us find ourselves being pelted with our own metaphorical rocks of life's challenges, probably the rock we were trying to show off. These experiences force us to reevaluate and sometimes diminish the innocent excitement we once had. It’s a harsh process.

Life can be hard and unforgiving, and when I think about Marc’s metaphorical rock, I realize that mine, growing up, was creativity and a means of expression. Despite encountering the weight of adulthood and facing serious days that could easily make that bright-eyed kid from the past run away in fear, I believe I never truly lost that little kid. He still resides within me, persistent and passionate, tirelessly creating things and eagerly sharing them with anyone who cares to look or listen even in life’s most treacherous weather. 

This connection to my inner child is what keeps me inspired and smiling through life's ups and downs. It's a reminder that amidst all the complexities and hardships, I have an unyielding source of joy and wonder that never truly disappears. It’s only amplified when my kids create next to me. I think that kid with the rock is still present in all of us; it’s just a matter of embracing them.

-Sergio Santos