The Daily Rambling Artist - The Art of Embracing Flaws and Growing

The Daily Rambling Artist - The Art of Embracing Flaws and Growing

I’ve been pondering the notion of perfection lately, especially when I hear someone say, “You don't get it, I'm a perfectionist.” This phrase has always made me raise an eyebrow.

To me, a more realistic perspective is that it's challenging to reveal your imperfections. For creatives, this is where the artist often feels most vulnerable. This underlying insecurity, which is much more difficult to express than claiming to be a perfectionist, applies not only to the final product but also to the creative process itself.

I remember the first time I displayed my paintings in a public setting. I had a moment when I wanted to gather them all up and head back home. It was a genuine bout of anxiety. The show went well, however, and I even managed to sell a substantial number of paintings.

Many years have passed since that moment, and I'm still here, sharing my artwork. I often reflect on that perfectionist moment. At the time, I felt like the work I had brought to the event wasn't perfect. What I've come to realize is that imperfection is an integral part of the creative journey.

It's interesting for me to track my progress, especially when I come across older works. I reflect and deeply value that moment of imperfection anxiety. The understanding that I released those works as stepping stones to reach the next level is a gift from my personal growth. These are the moments I would have never experienced if I had decided to embrace the idea of being a perfectionist and hindered the progression of my creative process.

-Sergio Santos