The Daily Rambling Artist - The Art of 'Making It': A Personal Perspective

The Daily Rambling Artist - The Art of 'Making It': A Personal Perspective

In the past week, I've come across the idea of "making it" in the context of art more than once. It's this notion that someone aspires to reach a certain level, and when they get there, they'll know they've finally "made it." It's a common perspective in the world of creativity.

But for me, "making it" has a different meaning altogether. It's not confined to some distant pinnacle of achievement; instead, it's present every time I set out to create my vision. Whether I'm in the studio, in front of a computer writing, posting, or simply lost in thought, "making it" happens in those moments of creation and propulsion. I've made it because I'm making. 

The financial aspect of art, I don't diminish its importance, but I don't equate it with success. It's a necessary part of the journey that helps me keep creating and, in a way, sustains the act of "making it." Financial stability is crucial, but it doesn't define my artistic identity. To view creativity through the lens of financial success alone would be a grim perspective for me personally.

In the end, the act of creating, the process of turning ideas into tangible expressions, that's where I find my sense of achievement. Each new image, every word typed, every concept explored – those are the moments I cherish. They are my markers of "making it," and in those moments, I find fulfillment and purpose as an artist, and person, really.

-Sergio Santos