The Daily Rambling Artist: The Kilroy Chronicles: Confessions of a Serial Idea Generator

The Daily Rambling Artist: The Kilroy Chronicles: Confessions of a Serial Idea Generator

Sometimes, I find myself irritated with my own mind for conjuring up new ideas that ultimately evolve into full-fledged projects, demanding my attention throughout the day if I am to see them come to fruition. I can’t, however, help but acknowledge that this annoyance is a testament to my belief in these endeavors, which is why I refrain from complaining too much.

Lately, there's been a simmering desire within me, a creative impulse urging me to make something out of the podcast I initiated a few years back. The initial format had its time and place, but eventually, it ran its course. Recognizing the need for something different, I consciously granted myself space to  breathe and allow my mind to delve into contemplation, seeking the essence of the change I desired.

Over the past few days, ideas began weaving themselves together, and it was last night, at the unholy hour of 3am, that I found myself passionately engrossed in bringing my newfound concept to life, fully aware of the 7am alarm that awaited me. As I said, my own mind's antics can be exasperating.

What struck me during this process was the beauty of being an artist in the present era. The array of tools at my disposal is nothing short of astonishing, and the process of creation and promotion appears to be growing more accessible with each passing day. While much of my work revolves around the realm of marketing, I've lately sensed a harmonious convergence between this aspect and the core essence of my artistic expression. My primary voice is painting, yet I often overlook the intricate ties it shares with the development and nurturing of my language—my voice.

Video, audio, the written word, and visual elements – all these facets interconnect seamlessly, each resonating on a unique frequency, yet all contributing to the grand tapestry of my creative journey. They form distinct threads in the rich fabric of my personal Kilroy etched upon the wall of creativity. For this, I am profoundly thankful. And to those of you who continually provide encouragement and sustenance to this peculiar, nocturnal beast that keeps me wide awake until 3am, I extend—always—my heartfelt gratitude. Your support fuels my creative fire in ways I can't adequately express. Thank you.

-Sergio Santos