The Daily Rambling Artist: The Pursuit of Purpose - Defining Success and Nurturing Young Dreams

The Daily Rambling Artist: The Pursuit of Purpose - Defining Success and Nurturing Young Dreams

Growing up, my parents, especially my mom, instilled in me the idea of becoming a doctor or a lawyer when I grew up. I had a deep love and respect for my parents, so I listened to their suggestions with an open mind. When I was still quite young, my mom asked my godfather, who happened to be a successful lawyer, if I could shadow him for a day. Excited about the opportunity, I eagerly accepted.

As the day unfolded, I had a sheet of paper with a list of questions prepared to ask my godfather. I observed him in his office, watching him navigate through his daily tasks. Later, we went to lunch, and that's when I started to inquire about his career choice. My first question was simple: "Why did you become a lawyer?" His answer surprised me but resonated. He said, "Money." Coming from a background where financial struggles were a constant, I could understand the desire to want a different situation.

As I probed further, however, I sensed that he didn't truly love his job. Instead, his satisfaction seemed to lie in the financial security he could afford with his earnings. This trade-off didn't sit well with me. I couldn't help but feel that something was fundamentally flawed with pursuing a career solely for financial gains and sacrificing genuine fulfillment. It didn’t work for me at least. 

Over the years, that memory stayed with me and further shaped my perspective. I think about it now, especially as my own children are growing, and I find myself reflecting on it once again. One of my daughters, at the tender age of six, has already declared her identity as an artist, just as I had dreamed of being one when I was young. But my parents' response to my artistic aspirations back then was disheartening: "There's no money in that."

While I deeply admire and love my parents, I've come to realize that such a message can be crushing for a hopeful and imaginative child. They meant no harm, of course; they just wanted what was best for me. In my long journey as an artist, I've learned valuable lessons, one of them being that there is potential for financial success in any field if you're willing to put in the effort and creativity.

The key isn't solely in the pursuit of money but in finding true passion and joy in what you do. As I create my art and present it to the world, I understand that the path to happiness lies in the love for what I do and the determination to find ways to make a living from it.

So, as my little ones explore their own dreams, I will encourage them to pursue what truly ignites their hearts. Whether it's art or any other endeavor, I'll emphasize that finding happiness is not just about making money but about nurturing genuine passion and discovering how to sustain themselves through their unique talents and efforts. I want them to know that with dedication and perseverance, they can carve a fulfilling path that brings both satisfaction and prosperity.

-Sergio Santos