The Daily Rambling Artist - The Unfundables

The Daily Rambling Artist - The Unfundables

Sometimes, I remember random conversations with friends. Such was the case today when I remembered a phone call from years ago, a call from my friend Chamo.

Chamo calls me up one day about a creative project. He lays it out in detail, then asks me if I'm down. I say, "Yes." He says, "You know there's no money in this, right?" I respond, "When has that ever stopped us?"

The exchange was brief, but it carried with it a weight of shared history and an unspoken understanding. We were the kind of friends who had always been drawn to creative endeavors, not because they promised financial gain, but because they spoke to a deeper yearning within us.

As I look back on that conversation, it's as if a snapshot of our friendship, and our shared devotion to the art of creating, is frozen in time. It reminds me of all the times we've thrown ourselves into the unpredictable world of creativity, where passion and imagination were our primary guides.

-Sergio Santos