The Daily Rambling Artist: Through the Eyes of Creation - I Can See Clearly Now

The Daily Rambling Artist: Through the Eyes of Creation - I Can See Clearly Now

Daily entries have become a peculiar experience for me. As I sift through my vast collection of paintings, I am reminded that not all of them were documented; it's a very long history. Each piece I encounter feels like a gentle prod to a fragment of my memory, which is cool, and sometimes even uncool. I guess kind of the way life works in general.

I won't delve into the details of what I was going through at the time of the pieces I’m about to describe, but it was a lot all at once. Though I appeared to be fine, navigating through the complexities of life, felt as if my vision was obscured, hindering my ability to perceive clearly. It was during this period that something peculiar emerged in my paintings—third eyes.

Curiously, the other day my daughter drew my attention to the fact that some of my other pieces feature a solitary eye. I realized that those pieces captured a sense of myopia, as if my artistic expressions mirrored my limited perspective at that moment. It wasn't a deliberate choice to embrace tunnel vision symbolism when I created those works. Rather, it was a spontaneous occurrence within the studio.

That's what has always captivated me about my sanctuary. It is a realm that exists beyond the boundaries of the ordinary, where the weird and the beautiful converge. Self-discovery unravels, sometimes even treacherously, revealing profound truths about the self, whether or not I actively seek them. Within those walls, the enigmatic dance between creation and introspection unfolds, leaving an indelible mark on both the artist and the art itself.

-Sergio Santos