The Daily Rambling Artist: Unraveling Reality - Embracing the Abstract

The Daily Rambling Artist: Unraveling Reality - Embracing the Abstract

In 7th grade, I vividly recall the moment when Picasso's art resonated with me. Our teacher held up one painting after another, and as each image passed, I noticed that nothing was where it was supposed to be. I had seen his work growing up, but this was the moment something clicked in me. The unconventional placements became the most salient feature, etching itself into my consciousness.

But abstraction wasn't confined to visual art alone for me. As I navigated the peculiar years of adolescence, I discovered a fondness for things being in unconventional places. It manifested in the joy of laughter, where the line between appropriate and inappropriate blurred, and the written word that defied conventional structures.

Within the embrace of abstraction, the familiar is deconstructed, and the unconventional takes center stage. It's a captivating dance where colors, shapes, and emotions entwine, creating a symphony of untamed creativity and, indeed, chaos. It always feels like home, but for me, I always seek to keep a touch of the figurative, a peculiar marriage of the known and the unknown. At least until I lose my mind and start painting everything a solid daisy yellow.

In the abstract world, meaning emerges as things deviate from their anticipated paths. Lines blur, boundaries dissolve, and harmony coexists with chaos. It serves as a reminder of the hidden beauty that awaits in life's disorder, waiting to be unearthed in the unexpected. It's an exciting and transformative journey, one that I am so happy to play within daily in the studio.

-Sergio Santos