The Daily Rambling Artist: Chronicles of Creation - Unraveling My Life's Palette

The Daily Rambling Artist: Chronicles of Creation - Unveiling My Life's Palette

My daily writing process is a journey through time as I scroll through my chronological database of visual work. It's an odd sensation to witness my own life unfolding before me - the highs, the lows, and the many peculiar moments in between.

These fragments, these mementos of my life, are scattered not just through time, but throughout the world. It's a strange and surreal feeling to realize that so many pieces of me are out there for others to look upon.

Every day, in the quiet sanctum of my studio, I pour a little bit of myself onto each creation. My likes and dislikes, my feelings and opinions - they all find expression in my work. And then, they’re broadcast into the world, to whoever cares to listen, watch, or read.

This act, this ritual of translating my inner world into tangible art, is a glorious cycle. A cycle that allows me to wake up each morning, ready to do it all over again. I'm grateful for this artist's existence. It's a life that continues to amaze and humble me, even if it remains wonderfully weird.

-Sergio Santos