The Daily Rambling Artist: Little Professors - A Life of Appreciation

The Daily Rambling Artist: Little Professors - A Life of Appreciation

One of the most cherished moments in my life is sitting and watching my children as they play and engage with the world around them. It is a pleasure witnessing their unfiltered curiosity and boundless wonder, as they take in every little detail of their experiences. They possess an ability to absorb and appreciate the beauty in everything they encounter.

At this stage of my artist career, it’s their relentless enthusiasm and unbridled zest for life that ignited the spark within me. Their ability to find joy in the simplest of things and to approach life with an unwavering sense of wonder has been my greatest teacher.

My children serve as a constant reminder that, as an artist, it's essential to retain that childlike energy not only within the confines of my studio but also in every aspect of my life. They inspire me to find beauty and meaning in even the most ordinary moments, and to embrace every experience with open arms. In their presence, I am reminded that life's greatest treasures are often found in moments often overlooked.

Above all, my children teach me the importance of gratitude. They remind me that beyond the canvas, beyond the studio, and beyond the hustle and bustle of daily life, there is a world filled with wonder and countless reasons to be grateful. They are my constant muse, inspiring me not only to create art but also to savor every moment, just as they do.

-Sergio Santos