They Daily Rambling Artist - Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

The Daily Rambling Artist - Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

I remember when I first began the transition of my Mayan work onto canvas with paint. I had this enormous canvas before me, and I was channeling all the emotions and inspiration I had gathered from my readings about the ancient Mayans. The process started with a sense of grand drama, but then I hit a creative roadblock.

When this happens, I've learned to let a piece breathe. That's why it's often difficult for me to gauge how long a piece will take to complete. Sometimes it can be years because I may not return to it for quite a while.

So, that giant canvas hung out in my studio for an extended period. During these times, I would often find myself staring at the work in progress, nestled among many others that would come and go or endure a similar fate in the studio.

Then, one day, it happened. The ending to this piece struck me unexpectedly. I vividly remember my brother being around that day. Suddenly, he heard my laughter echoing through the studio. He rushed in to see what gave, and soon joined in the laughter himself.

After much contemplation, I made a decision. In the midst of this very serious scene I had been painstakingly crafting, I realized that no one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition. I painted that famous Monty Python trio right into the heart of my solemn work.

At that moment, I thought to myself, "I'm going to cherish this piece forever because no one will ever purchase it." Fortunately, I am almost always proven wrong when I have such thoughts. Eventually, someone came along who got the punchline. It's reassuring when someone lets me know that I'm not the only one laughing.

-Sergio Santos